Downloadable Data and Forms
I. Employment Promotion and Workers’ Welfare 

A.       Alien Employment Permit (AEP)

1.       AEP Checklist of Requirements

2.       AEP Application Form


B.      Registration of Contracts & Sub-contracts Under DO 18-02

1.        DO 18-02 Checklist of Requirements

2.        DO 18-02 Application Form


C.      Private Recruitment and Placement Agency (PRPA)

1.       PRPA Checklist of Requirements

2.       PRPA Application Form


D.      Working Child’s Permit (WCP)

1.        WCP Checklist of Requirements

2.        WCP Application Form


E.        Livelihood Programs for Informal Sector Workers

1.        Beneficiary Profile (Form)

2.        Request for DOLE Accreditation (Pro-forma letter)

3.        Checklist of Requirements for DOLE Accreditation


F.        Others

1.        Establishment Employment Report

II. Labor Relations and Labor Standards 

A.       Unionism

1.       Application for CBA Registration

2.       Notice of Voluntary Recognition

3.       Report of Creation of Local/Chapter

4.       Application for Registration of Workers’ Association

5.       Application for Registration of Independent Applicants Union


 B.      Occupational Safety and Health

1.       Registration of Establishment Under Rule 1020 (Form)

2.       Accident /Illness Report Form

3.       Annual Medical Report Form

4.       Application for Boiler/ Pressure Vessel Installation

5.       Application for Internal Combustion Installation

6.       Application for Elevator Manlift Dumbwaiter Installation

7.       Report of Safety Organization (Form)

8.     Application Form for Accreditation, OSH Practitioner,Consultant

 C.      Construction Safety and Health program

1.   Application Form for the Construction Safety and Health Program

2.   Documentary Requirements and Format of CSHP Program

3.   Revised Application Form for the Evaluation of CSHP

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