Projects and Services
DOLERO8's Programs and Services


  •  Special Program for the Employment of Student  (SPES)

a.       List of  SPES Beneficiaries for 2016

b.       List of  SPES Beneficiaries for 2015

c.       List of  SPES Beneficiaries for 2014

  • Government  Internship Program (GIP)

a.        List of  GIP beneficiaries  for 2016

b.        List of  GIP beneficiaries  for 2015

  • Public Employment Sevice office (PESO)

a.       List of  PESO Manager s 2015

b.      Institutionalized  PESO

  •  JOB  Fair

a.       Jobs  Jair 2016

Tacloban Mega Jobs Fair (January 29, 2016)

Eastern Visayas State University Jobs Fair (February 19, 2016)

Collegio de la Salle Foundation Jobs Fair (February 20, 2016)

b.       Jobs  Jair 2015

  • Labor  Market  Information  (LMI)
  • Phil-JobNet  (PJN)

a.       List of  Registration  Establishments  2015

b.      List of Vacancies

  • Skill Registry  System  (SRS)

a.       List of  Cities/ Municipalities which has SRS Orientation

  • Career  Guidance Advocacy  Program
  • DOLE Integrate Livelihood and Emergency Employment Program

a.       DILP Beneficiaries 

b.      TUPAD  Beneficiaries

  • Productivity Toolbox for MSMEs in KEGS


MFO3. Labor Force Welfare Service

  • Tripartism
  • Industry Self-regulation through Voluntary Codes of Good Practices
  • Workers Organization and Development (WODP) Program
  • Labor and Employment Education Program
  • Child Labor Prevention and elimination Program
  • Family Welfare Program (FWP)

a.       Establishments with FWP

  • DOLE Adjustment Measures Program (DOLE-AMP)
  • NRCO Integration Services

a.       Financial Awareness Seminar (FAS) AND Small Business Management Training (SBMT)

b.      Livelihood Assistance

c.       Advocacy Activity on Savings and Investment (Mag impok Training)

  • Labor Laws Compliance System

a.       List of Establishments for Assessment

b.       List of Establishments with Certificate of Compliance

- COC on GLS 2014 / 2015

- COC on OSH 2014 / 2015

  • Dispute Resolution

a.       Single Entry Approach (SEnA)

b.      SpeED Cases: Labor Standards and Arbitration Cases

  • Reporting Requirements

a.       Domestic Ships

b.      Malls

c.       Manpower (PRPA)

d.      Cooperation Engaged in Contracting/Subcontracting

e.      D.O 18-A

f.        Technical safety Inspection

g.       Construction Safety and Health Program

h.      OSH Accreditation

i.         Implementation of FWA


j.        ICP


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