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DOLE defies expectations in youth programs

Catarman, Northern Samar – Around 160 youths from 55 barangays in Catarman are in awe for the programs and services of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), defying their prejudice that DOLE only caters to labor-related issues.

A two-day seminar on disaster preparedness, environmental conservation, and enterprise development was conducted as part of the commitment of Catarman Mayor Francisco Rosales in empowering the youths through access to government programs and services. 

To address the said issues, the programs and services of the DOLE, especially the DOLE Integrated Livelihood and Emergency Employment Program (DILEEP), were introduced to the participants.

DOLE Northern Samar Field Office Chief, Patria A. Bigcas, representing Regional Director Yahya A. Centi, emphasized that DILEEP encompasses not only for the provision of livelihood assistance to qualified beneficiaries, including the youths, but also for employment bridging of the disaster-displaced workers. 

“We are here to inform you that DOLE exists not only for our private establishments but also for young workers like you. As a matter of fact, most of our labor force here in Northern Samar constitutes the working youths, 15 to 30 years old”, said Ms. Bigcas.

Meanwhile, one of the participants expressed how pleased he is knowing that they can also draw near to DOLE for assistance.

“Dire ako maaram na yaon ngay-an programa an DOLE para sa mga kabataan. Huna ko sadto na kun yaon la reklamo sa trabaho, mao la an covered san DOLE [I never knew that DOLE also caters programs for the youths. I thought that it only served to act on labor complaints], said 18-year-old participant from Brgy. Somoge.

Chief Bigcas also encouraged the students to take part in the youth employment programs of DOLE in 2020, particularly in Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES) and the Government Internship Program (GIP). 

The 24-year-old criminology major, Emilio Arcenio disclosed that he is interested in availing SPES next year to help him with his finances in school as a student in the University of Eastern Philippines in Catarman. Being the son of farmers, he finds it hard to continue with his studies due to the lack of monetary resources. He confessed that he could see an opportunity from DOLE.

“San dati, nabati la ako na may mga trabajo an DOLE. Pero, kaurugan na akon nakikita para man la sa mga arog. So, kasabot ko na tingali na waray programa para sa amon ng mga kabataan. [Before, I heard stories about the work opportunities in DOLE. But it seemed like it was only for the adults. So, I thought that there were no programs for us youth.],” says Arcenio.

But with the seminar conducted, Arcenio admitted he was proven wrong. He said, “Pero, yana, mali naklaruhan ako na yaon pa la maibubulig an DOLE sa akon na sayo na youth, labi na sa akon pag-eskwela [But now, it seems clear that DOLE can actually help me, as a youth, in my studies.]”. End/Allenia Niña F. Chua

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